Riding Lessons Please Call for Information.

Exercising:  $20.00 per half hr -hour ride


Full Body Clip:    160.00

Trace Clip:             95.00

Clean Clip:            40.00

Mane Pull:              50.00

Bath:                       15.00

Medicated Bath:     20.00

Grooming:              20.00

Tack/Untack:           15.00

Holding for Vet       ​15.00 per half hr

and Farrier

Standing Wraps:    10.00

Application of Medication

oral or topical:       3.00

Hand Walking:       20.00 per half hr

Cold/Hot Hosing:   10.00

​Hoof Soaking/        ​10.00


Trailering:  ​depends on distance      and number of horses